Lightening Strike Damage Pictures 
K4WWN - Howard Grant 
Late Friday afternoon, after all the weather was over, I took a lightening hit. Lightening hit the telephone and cable lines and got into power usual, I had almost everything disconnected...ALMOST...the FT-990 was disconnected from power, no ground connected, antenna connected to dummy load, BUT, I left wattmeter in line and the wall-wart connected to AC, that radio is history. On the IC-775, was disconnected from power, antenna was disconnected, BUT, computer was connected and the sound card adapter was connected to the that one is history...Repeater was connected to AC, Tower and Ground system, single point ground system and the blew the TrippLite Isobar to pieces providing AC to the repeater, BUT, as it should have been, reconnected AC to repeater, off and running, even the battery clock never lost a second...some photos below...was an interesting day, took me about 7 hours to re-wire AC circuits that were affected...  
Back of  Tripplite connected to repeater
Front of Tripplite connected to repeater
Telephone drop attached to house
What's left of telephone interface box
Surge Protector and wall wart to watt meter
Surge protector
AC leads in conduit going to Tripplite
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