Lightning Protection for Balanced Line 
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Ever wonder how to feed a balance line into your home and protect your equipment from lightning or static discharges. I wanted to feed balance line into my house, except it had to run through a maze to reach the equipment. Coming within close contact of metal or other items that could effect the performance. Using two RG-8 cables or something that is similar can solve both problems. 
You can strip the shields back several inches on both coaxes. Then use only the center conductor of each cable to keep the line balanced. Tie the shields of both cables only to themselves. Do not ground these shields to anything else. Then attach each cable to you balanced line connection on the tuner. 
Outside you will prep your cable so the shield is stripped away from your connector so only the center conductor connects to the connector. This example does not leave any excess shield. Leave some excess for the cables that come from your balanced tuner so you can tie them together. 
This will keep the shield away from the cable so we can try to keep from changing the impedance. Again tie both shields of each cable to each other and to nothing else. Now you can attach a commercial surge protector of your choice to each leg of the balanced line. 
Now use the cable above with only the shielded center conductor an attach it to one leg of the ladder line. Now make another one for the other leg. Connect both legs to your surge protector as shown above. Use a good ground to attach both the surge protectors. 
By doing it this way you will have some protection and managed to keep the line balanced all the way to your tuner without the risk of a hot feed line in the house. 
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