Photo's of the April 2007 Antenna Party 
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Our apologies if we did not get a photo of you. 
I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support and help to make this event such a success. 
Diane (N7FW), Richard (W4HW), Will (WB4KLL) and Bill (KI4OOJ) with a 40 meter vertical antenna
Bill (Ki4OOJ) trying out the 40 meter vertical
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Stan (W4SRG)
Stan (W4SRG)
Ben (KE4TFI) and Will (WB4KLL) 
Demonstrating the Antenna Modeling 
also PSK-31 Station
Will (WB4KLL) and Ben (KE4TFI)
Ben (KE4TFI) and Will (WB4KLL)
Tape measure antenna in the works.
Stan (KG4NAE) tuning up the slinky
Playing with the finished product
Your going to do what!!
Stan (KG4NAE) it tuned!!
Bill (KI4OOJ) and Stan (KDG4NAE)
Stan's (KG4NAE) multi-use play toy
Stan (KG4NAE)
Ginny (KC0PCB) and the Mascots
Go Away!!
Rick (KF4CAF)
Stan (W4SRG)
Click here to see 40 Meter Vertical and Field Plots 
How to set the hairpin match on the Tape-Measure-Beam
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