Antenna Modeling 
Join us for a weekend of playing with antennas. Ben Clark (KE4TFI) will be demonstrating how to use antenna modeling software Saturday. We will build several of these antennas to see how well they work in reality. The software we will be using is MMANA which is free for anyone to use. We will also be making some 2 meter tape measure beams which are great for emergency communication when on foot using a handheld radio. 
Some guest reserved Camp Ney-A-Ti for the weekend we were planing to hold our event. So we are moving to a new location to hold our event in the Arab City Park. Below are some pictures of the pavilion / location. 
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Schedule for the weekend 
4:00 PM Friday - 20 April 2007 
Setup our camp site. 
Get a few ropes in the trees for our antennas. 
Setup a few radios and grounds. 
Cook and eat some burgers / dogs. 
10:00 AM Saturday - 21 April 2007 
Play Radio. 
Do some antenna modeling. 
Build some of the antennas that we model. 
Cook and eat some more burgers / dogs. 
Play some more radio / build antennas till we can't stand it anymore. 
Sunday Morning till Noon - 22 April 2007 
Play some radio. 
Break everything down by noon. 
Arab City Park at the corner of Shoal Creek Trl and Arad Thompson Rd 
Hope to see you sometime during the weekend.. 
We would like to thank the Arab Recreation Center and Glenn Morehouse for allowing use of the site during our Mini Field Day. 
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